1. What are the Gay Games?

The Gay Games is a world-class sporting and cultural festival organized by the LGBT+ community every 4 years. Founded in San Francisco in 1982 by Dr. Tom Waddell, the Gay Games have become the world’s largest sporting and cultural event led by LGBT+ athletes, artists, and LGBT+ community leaders. The next Gay Games will be held in Paris in 2018. The Gay Games was first named the “Gay Olympics”, but was banned from using the term “Olympics”. The Gay Games now has full support from many sporting organizations around the world including the Olympics, but chooses to retain the name “Gay Games” as a reminder of its hard fought history that has always put inclusion at the forefront. The LGBT+ community may still be struggling for acceptance but we, as a community, have always been accepting.

2. Principles of the Federation of Gay Games

“Participation, Inclusion and Personal Best”


Participation results in all individuals partaking fully and equally both in society and as athletes, artists, and supporters, whose lives touch or are touched by the Gay Games® movement.

Inclusion fosters an atmosphere where all are welcome to the Gay Games® in whatever manner they choose, whether as athlete, artist, official or supporter. The Gay Games® are open to all, regardless of one’s race, gender, nationality, sexual orientation, religion, ethnic origin, political belief, age, physical challenge, health status, athletic or artistic skills.


Personal Best encourages individuals to express their athletic, cultural and activist skills, while empowering them to participate on their own terms. An individual’s realisation and fulfilment results from the attainment of one’s personal best, more so than from mere competition against others.


Other values contribute to the success of the Gay Games:

Celebration is a key element of Gay Games® sports, cultural and social events, designed to promote self-esteem, fun and community.


Emancipation results from using sport and culture to passionately and unashamedly affirm the pride, joy and dignity of gays and lesbians.

Respect and honesty are the foundation of FGG relationships, sportsmanship, membership and dealings with external stakeholders.

3. Key figures

  • Estimated to bring up to HK$1 billion to Hong Kong in transport, accommodation, food & beverages and shopping

  • Estimated 15,000 participants from around the world

  • Estimated 40,000 spectators

  • The Gay Games is a comprehensive festival with 3 main themes: sports, arts & culture, conferences

  • The Gay Games will feature 36 different sports including popular local sports: dragon boating, trail running and tower running.

4. Gay Games XI Hong Kong 2022

Asia’s bid to host the 2022 Gay Games in Hong Kong is in process.


In March 2017, the city was shortlisted with Washington DC and Guadalajara Mexico. The proposed event for Hong Kong is a nine day festival of 36 sports, 15 art and cultural events and conferences on a wide range of topics important to the LGBT+ community and our friends. It will also have large opening and closing ceremonies fitting of an event of this magnitude.

5. Next steps timeline

June 2017: Site visit by members of the Gay Games Federation to short-listed cities

Oct 2017: Presentation by the short-listed cities at Gay Games Federation Annual Assembly held in Paris

Nov 2017: Announcement of Gay Games 2022 host city

6. Co-Chairs

Benita Chick

+852 98879492


Dennis Philipse

+852 60135355


7. The bidding team

The Gay Games Hong Kong 2022 bidding team is comprised of a governing board, 2 co-chairs, 7 directors and over 40 volunteers. The backgrounds of the team is wide and varied to represent Hong Kong’s truly global community. Hong Kong has a long history and deep culture and part of that is having been a safe haven for refugees on many occasions and home to citizens of the world as it is one of the few truly great global cities.

8. Key Supporting Organisations and Partners (as of 2 March 20 17, a full list can be found in our Bid book and website)

  • Hong Kong Tourism Board

  • Equal Opportunities Commission

  • Gigi Chao, Vice Chairman of Cheuk Nang Holdings Ltd and Financial Times #1 OUTstanding LGBT Executive 2016

  • Allan Zeman, Lan Kwai Fong Group

  • Hong Kong Royal Yacht Club

  • Hong Kong Sailing Federation

  • Pride Lab

  • Transgender Resource Center

  • Les Peches

  • Queer Straight Alliance

  • Tongzhi Literary Group

  • Skadden - Legal advice

  • Linklaters

  • PURE Fitness Group - bid book design

  • Prosperity Research Ltd (PRDA) - digital marketing

  • Harvey Nichols

  • AIDS Concern

  • Consulate General of Canada

  • Hong Kong Rugby Union

  • Gurkha International

  • Sticky Rice Love

  • The University of Hong Kong

  • Signal 8 Security

  • Action House International

  • Joint Dynamics

  • Laxton Fitness

  • Sunpride Foundation

  • Oldham, Li & Nie


  • LEGCO Legislators (Regina Ip, Charles Mok, Alvin Yeung, Chu Hoi-Dick, Kwong Chun Yu)

10. Hashtag


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