The 36 sports featured at 

Gay Games 11 Hong Kong 2022 are:

Aquatic Sports

1. Diving

2. Open Water Swimming

3. Artistic Swimming

4. Swimming / Pink Flamingo

5. Water Polo


Athletics Sports:

6. Marathon: Full

7. Marathon: Half

8. Road Race: 10km

9. Road Race: 5km

10. Track & Field

11. Trail Running


Ballgames Sports:

12. Basketball and Wheelchair Basketball

13. Dodgeball **

14. Football (Soccer)

15. Rugby Sevens

16. Softball

17. Volleyball



18. Cheerleading *

19. Combined Events: Triathlon

20. Dance Sport

21. E-Sports **

22. Figure Skating *

23. Golf

24. Ten Pin Bowling  


Racquet Sports:

25. Badminton

26. Squash

27. Table Tennis

28. Tennis


Mat Sports:

29. Fencing

30. Martial Arts

31. Physique Bodybuilding

32. Powerlifting

33. Wrestling


Water sports:

34. Rowing

35. Dragon Boat Racing

36. Sailing


* Sports that were not featured in the initial proposal (bid book) but are now added to the final list due to the large support in the region.

** Sports that were not featured in the initial proposal (bid book) but are now added to the final list due to the large support in the region. These sports are also making a historical entry in the Gay Games.

The original bid book can be found on the INFO page.

Rules & Requirements

Working with our International LGBT+ sports organizations, the requirements and rules of each sport will be announced to the community on our website.

Information & contact

For questions related to specific sports, please email our Sports Director at sports@gaygaymes2022.com.


The aim is to open registration two years prior to the event, (so in November 2020, for the event to be held in November 2022). Stay tuned and sign up to our newsletter to receive the latest news about the Gay Games 11 Hong Kong 2022.


If you like to join our organisation as a volunteer, please have a look at our vacancies and/or contact us though joinus@gaygameshk2022.com

Why these sports?

As much as the Gay Games 11 Hong Kong 2022 wants to make the first Gay Games in Asia a fulfilling event for the Gay Games community, we have decided to limit ourselves to these 36 sports and focus on making each one of them memorable experience for as many people as possible.

New Sports


By including this traditional sport, the Gay Games 11 Hong Kong team aims to introduce the sport to more Asian audience. By working with Pride Cheerleading Association, education program/tour will be conducted in the upcoming years in local districts and schools. 
The cheerleading teams will also be involved in these aspects of the game:

  1. Performances at opening and closing ceremony;

  2. Cheering for other sports events during the game; and

  3. Fundraising charity performances to external sponsors where all proceedings will be donated to local charities


Hong Kong has a strong community in Dodgeball. The Hong Kong Dodgeball League started back in 2006 and Hong Kong is part of the World Dodgeball Federation, with 20 other active countries and growing our numbers every year. The Hong Kong Dodgeball Association (WDBF) will work closely with the international community to send active members of WDBF (especially teams of LGBT+ athletes) to compete.  
Hong Kong hosted the world championship in 2014 and because of the popularity of the game internationally, we are confident to attract more than 200 participants from 10+ countries in 2022 to the first Dodgeball game in the history of Gay Games..



E-Sports have gained tremendous popularity globally and has become a mainstream sporting activity. Hong Kong in particular is seeing 
massive support from the government in funded venues and events.  
The Gay Games 11 Hong Kong 2022 team has identified a good local partner to run the first e-sport game in the Gay Games and will work closely with the relevant government bodies to make this event fun, engaging and appealing to participants that's different from traditional sporting activities.


Figure Skating

Figure Skating was not in Hong Kong's original proposal ("the bid book") because of concerns over the seating requirements stated in the Red Book. After coordinating with Federation of Gay Games as well as International Gay Figure Skating Union, the Gay Games 11 Hong Kong 2022 team decided to host this sport with existing venue and making sure skaters from the LGBT+ community are well informed of some challenges an open venue may bring. The Gay Games 11 Hong Kong 2022 team recognizes the enormous impact of the Hong Kong public being blown away by the sight of same sex partners skating together in their shopping mall, that's how Gay Games change the world. 


Discontinued Sports

The following sports from Hong Kong's original proposal ("the bid book") were unfortunately removed in the final list.

X Beach Volleyball 

We see a trend of declining participation numbers in beach volleyball despite it being a popular sport worldwide. Even though Hong Kong is famous for having many beautiful beaches, there are not sufficient multi court venues in one location to host the number of expected participants. Gay Games 11 Hong Kong 2022 will continue to offer indoor Volleyball Games and we believe that many participants will be happy to attend this event even though we are not able to offer beach Volleyball. 

X ICC vertical Run

Due to the high cost of organizing this event in one of the most prestigious commercial buildings (International Commerce Centre in Hong Kong), Gay Games 11 Hong Kong 2022 decided to remove ICC vertical Run and focus on bringing other sports to Hong Kong that's of equal or more impact.


X Mountain Biking

Due to logistical costs and lack of an active community, Mountain Biking is removed from the list. However, individual athletes are still welcomed to come to Hong Kong and try out some breathtaking Mountain Bike Tracks.

X Snooker and billiard

After careful consideration it was decided that the venues originally sourced did not meet the standards we hope to provide.